Lakshya Academy is an online learning system that uses the internet to effectively address a large student community across the whole world. Any organization can use it to disseminate knowledge through a structured programme.

Each academy in Lakshya has a dedicated Registrar.The registrar can define the courses that the academy will handle and he can decide if he will co-ordinate it himself or appoint a course co-ordinator.The co-ordinator will layout a syllabus which is a hierarchy of lessons with its assignments He will then appoint a faculty who will prepare the content, both the basic information and the question bank. He approves or rejects the projects and book reviews defined by the faculties that must go along with the course. He also verifies the content , adds the test pattern and regulates the weightage for the questions.The registrar can also appoint observers who can view the progress of the course.

Once a course content is entirely defined with all the lessons and questions verified, the course is published.

A published course can be populated on a web site which serves as the interface for the learner.Any person who wants to join the course can register for it through the respective academy's website.The prospective learner can download the Lakshya Academy - Learner client and login to commence his unique anywhere learning opportunity.